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Mar 08 2016

Big Data, Java and Microservices - tales from the trench

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We are pleased to bring you the ninth event of the Docklands.LJC; a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Docklands on the second Tuesday of each month. Our speakers this month are Andy Ben-Dyke and Graeme Seaton.

Andy Ben-Dyke - Big Data, Java and Microservices - tales from the trench

Having had 8 years of Big Data Agile development experience, I thought working on an IoT project using microservices would be straightforward. There’s nothing new under the sun, right? After a few weeks of learning buzzwords and acronyms, I could make a reasonable stab of explaining the difference between Ansible and Docker (as a trivial example). However, we’re now a couple of months into the project, and I want to share the success stories and horror stories with the audience.

The presentation and video recorded from the event are displayed below:

Graeme Seaton - Applying Big Data

A great deal of time and energy is spent on Big Data initiatives. But the question remains, what are the drivers behind these initiatives and how do you approach using all of that data? I would like to share some thoughts about the application of Big Data.

The presentation and video recorded from the event are available at InfoQ.


Andy Ben-Dyke is VP Engineering, IoT Analyics, Teredata Labs

Andy was one of the founding members of RainStor and a driving force behind the original data management technology before becoming the Product Architect in 2006, and then the CTO in 2007. The RainStor Big Data retention platform was acquired by Teradata late 2014. Since joining Teradata, Andy now heads up the IoT Analytics team, tasked with building a Big Data micro-service architecture for work-load management.

Andy holds both a first class Masters degree in engineering and a PhD in parallel and distributed computing from the University of Birmingham. He worked in Japan for two years for Mitsubishi Electric, supporting and extending the HP-UX kernel in the Pacific. He then spent 5 years working for DERA (Defence Evaluation and Research Agency), quickly becoming a Principal Scientist within the Parallel and Distributed Simulation group. During this time, Andy helped develop the core IP that led to the creation of RainStor Inc., as well as managing a range of long-term projects with a total value exceeding $10M, spanning multiple organizations.

Graeme Seaton Data Engineering Lead, Application Workgroup EMEA, EMC

Graeme heads up the Data Engineering team within the Application Workgroup for EMC EMEA. He has worked for a variety of companies ranging from large Data Infrastructure providers through to a number of Big Data-related startups. Graeme has been involved with Big Data before it became described as such and has been using Hadoop since it was first released.

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