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Preventing Downtime with DDoS Protected DNS Solutions

DDoS protected DNS solutions are critical in safeguarding your network from distributed denial-of-service attacks that can cause significant downtime. These solutions leverage advanced technologies to absorb and mitigate malicious traffic, ensuring your DNS remains functional during an attack. Implementing DDoS protected DNS is vital for maintaining service continuity and protecting your digital assets. By employing […]

DNS Spoofing vs. DNS Hijacking: What You Need to Know

Understanding the differences between DNS spoofing and DNS hijacking is crucial for protecting your network. DNS spoofing involves redirecting traffic to malicious sites by altering DNS records, while DNS hijacking takes over the DNS server to reroute or block traffic. Both pose significant threats, but their mechanisms and prevention strategies vary. Recognizing the signs of […]

Benefits of Using a Private DNS Server

Utilizing a private DNS server offers significant benefits, including enhanced security, improved privacy, and greater control over your network’s DNS queries. It enables organizations to protect sensitive data from external threats and customize DNS settings to meet specific needs. Private DNS servers can also reduce dependency on third-party providers, offering more robust protection against potential […]

Understanding the Importance of Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS plays a vital role in enhancing the reliability and redundancy of your network. By distributing DNS queries across multiple servers, it ensures continuous availability even if the primary server fails. This not only improves performance but also provides an additional layer of security against DNS attacks. Secondary DNS can also help balance the […]